“It was 22 years since then”

Senin Hikayen, Veli Bürçek (with english subtitle) from NSK Group ROTA on Vimeo.

Veli Bürçek “It was 22 years since then”

Having started to work for NSK Group in 1997, Veli Bürçek tells about his first days in the company:  “I had thought that I could work for NSK Group only for 5 years but once one enjoys doing what person does, then time flies.  Then suddenly I realized it has been 22 years since then.”

Starting 22 years ago as a personnel executive in NSK Group, Veli Bürçek says that there was 70 employees in the company in the early days and “now our company has around 400 employees.  When I started to work in this company, there was only 1 plant, as NSK A.Ş.  Now, we have 3 plants, 2 sales and marketing office and 1 warehouse.”